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Why are we obsessed with shoes?

Why are we obsessed with shoes?
Shoe Obsession

Shoes have come a long way from a unitarian piece of foot protection to high fashion and even works of art - or torture depending on the shoe and heel height! What is it about something so simple that has us paying big bucks for designers like Manolo Blahnick and Christian Louboutin?

I have to admit, I never felt I was obsessed with shoes - when I was a teen, I tended to have one pair of flats, one heels, one light or white, one black and that was about it. Since I'm 5 feet 11 without shoes, I never went for the super high heels - 2 to 3 inches were my normal selection.  When I was engaged to a man that was just 6 feet, I switched to flats or lower heels most of the time. I didn't really get the whole shoe obsession thing until I started selling them in 2001 - even then it took a few years and being single again for me to really get more of the bug. When I discovered how utterly comfey a pair of 4 inch heels with a 1 inch platform was, I wore them even if it did make me 6 foot 3!

I also discovered the joy of color - reds, metallics and mixing it up with clothing so my shoes compliment and not just match what I'm wearing. Fashion Police and fashion magazines are fascinating for research (of course that is why I watch/read them you know!)

Big bucks though are something I'm not really willing to go to though no matter how big my shoe closet becomes. Especially after watching the ABC news story below that compared a pair of $600 Louboutin's to a similar style for $20 (which they painted with a red sole) and most people couldn't even tell them apart! The kicker was that neither one was comfortable after walking 1 mile in them!

Granted, the Louboutin's had all leather soles and the cheap ones didn't - but is that difference really worth $600??

I've been an authorized dealer for Pleaser USA and Ellie Shoes since 2001 and Hades Footwear since 2010 and own several pairs of each and absolutely LOVE them!  I also am adding several new brands this year (more information coming soon!).  I consider all to be mid-cost shoes...not as cheap as the $20 pumps shown in the news story, but not with cardboard in the soles either! Most use man-made materials for the soles and support and many styles have genuine leather uppers. They all have padded insoles and non-skid soles too.

Obsessed or not, shoes are a necessary part of our lives - so why not have some fun and mix them up with some fashionable or funky options?


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